Does One Share of Amazon Stock Matter 

On Robinhood every 1 share matters.

Here is a screenshot of the 1 share of Amazon my daughter owns on Robinhood.  We love Amazon at home and we still don’t even have an ‘Echo’. She is up $66 on her 1 share so far from 6 weeks ago. 

 Rachel has a part time job and saves money from her weekly allowance. She understands the joy of investing and profiting because of my job and now Robinhood. 

Does Amazon go to $800 or $400 next ?

She has not asked and I don’t know. She can open the app anytime she wants yet does not trade. She will likely see another swoosh or two in Amazon stock but that is how she will learn. 

I doubt my daughter will make the hundreds of mistakes I made learning the language of the markets with the tools at her disposal.