F@#K 'Too Small to Fail'…GET ME OUT!


So I am an idiot. I have been buying today in large quantities. I am not listening to ANYBODY but my gut. I would consider taking my fund up to 50 percent if we fall this fast for two more days. I will take a hard look tonight after I break the fast.

It is eerie in the world right now.

I manage money to put myself in these positions and my partners are reading this blog and not panicked, so don’t count me in the panic camp…yet.

I am now up past 20 percent of my fund in stocks, pretty much doubling down starting at Dow 8,800 today.

I am not sure what the downside is and I know how to backpedal, but it hurts dropping 5 percent of my hard earned yearly gains this year (2 percent in the last hour). I need to tell you though when am doing something big and I am stepping up.

Don’t do as I say though.