No Complaints….2015 was Amazing

The Lindzon’s had a wonderful year. We are grateful.

This is what it feels like as we enter 2016:

Obviously, I might be jinxing it. I’m getting older (50), and the kids are almost off to college so a big chapter of our life will be ending soon.

But, I have to reflect back on a great year that saw Rachel crush it in school and her college entrance exams (not without crazy hard work and commitment).

Rachel trekked to high school in Israel this summer and made so many new friends and really got a taste of living away from home. She loved it.

My wife Ellen of 20 years got her real estate license and knows Coronado like the back of her hand. She has made so many homes for us over the years and just loves the idea of helping people move to and within San Diego. Her 10 plus years experience as an attorney are a huge edge when it comes to negotiating and contracts.

My son Max switched high schools as a junior and really loves High Tech High.

We have started a lifelong set of golf matches now that our handicaps have crossed at 6.4. By next month he will be giving me strokes. I have played golf 40 years to his three and he is already up 2 to 1. It is one of the great thrills of my life to have the time with him to lose!

I hope everyone that reads my blog has a joyous 2016.


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