Sunday Reads and Listens…Jerry Seinfeld, Apple, Facebook, The Cloud and NFT’s

Good morning.

Ellen bought us tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld last night in Phoenix.

He missed lines, yelled at the audience, and used a lot of old material.

I kid (although I am sure someone on Twitter said this).

He was great. He is still at the top of his game on the stage. It was fun to see a legend.

Jerry makes it seem as if anyone could do comedy, which is of course the gift, because it is impossible to do what Jerry does as he weaves words and tones together with his stories and observations.

As for stuff I read that you might enjoy…

I own some Meta stock and it has been a bloodbath. I thought I was buying a tobacco stock but it tuns out I just bought a terrible technology stock.

The big problem is Mark Zuckerberg getting schooled in how ‘pipes’ work by Apple. The other big problem is the META spending on the METAverse.

Anyhoo, Ben Thompson sheds a little light on the METAmyths floating around.

This podcast from Joe and Tracey at Bloomberg does a great job explaining the ass kicking Apple has delivered to Facebook and the ad industry. Have a listen.

The cloud is where I have most of my small remaining stock portfolio these days and it has been a horrifying place to be. I have been bludgeoned as rates rise and money flows out. Battery is out with their yearly ‘State of the OpenCloud’ so you may enjoy reading it.

Lastly, my new favorite topic is NFT’s. I am building my next company on the blockchain and I have been down the NFT rabbit hole because of the benefits I believe it will offer my users/members/customers. One of those benefits is creator royalties which have come under siege of late. Fred explains it better than I could.

I look at the royalties as a way to help new companies (like the one I am building) that build using NFT’s to profit from ‘churn’ the bane of existence of every web 1 and 2 business.

One thing about building for ‘web 3’ is the art of ‘not rushing’. We just got through a ‘web 2’ era of go fast, break things, winner take all, launch and fix so one of the big mistakes I notice about web 3 companies is the rush to launch and the assumption that web 3 business and growth tactics will be the same as web 1 and 2 tactics.

Maybe one day, but not just yet.

If you have not listened to my podcast with Sami and Maggied discussing this slow move to blockchains and the importance of compute, you should do that. You can listen right here.

Have a great Sunday.