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I love to write because it helps me think. I do it here on my blog and in several books. And I publish a newsletter of things I think are worth paying attention to. I know you don’t get enough email already, so you should definitely subscribe.

On the fence? Just listen to these people:


Brad Feld

Managing Director
Foundry Group

Howard does a masterful job of teaching you how to find, follow and cash in on trends.

Fred Wilson

Managing Partner
Union Square Ventures

Howard is among the smartest investors, both in the public and private markets, that I know.

Chris Mims

Technology Columnist
Wall Street Journal

This is the densest, funniest, most wonderfully manic commentary on our current tech/financial bubble I’ve yet read.

Title: Featured Investment


A few of the companies I’m investing my time and money in these days. If you have an investment pitch, get in touch.