Further Down The NFT Rabbit Hole…Some Hardware That Looks Cool and Spiritually Long Versus Directionally Long

Good morning…

I continue down the NFT rabbit hole each day

Most of my current interest is in the potential utility and community and I still don’t see products, projects that interest me. I continue to hone a community idea around investing and comedy and lifestyle and it should be ready to show to the world by December.

As for collecting NFT’s as art or an an investment and/or speculation, I am way behind, but I plan to dive in soon.

I have seen some very cool hardware products that will be great to use as I start collecting NFT’s.

One for the desk is infinite objects.

For the walls, I plan on ordering a couple of Blackdove for home and office.

Fred Wilson talked about NFT screens in his recent post as well.

Way back in the early web 1 days, we joked that every web company was just taking magazines and putting them online. The web 3 era has so far been mostly the wild west and a lot of ‘let’s just build this web 2 product on the blockchain’. I have been directionally long crypto with some money but not in spirit.

I am getting now long crypto/web 3 (or web 2.5 or name of the week) in spirit, time and money and I am loving what I am seeing and learning.

Directionally long can be profitable but spiritually long is where the joy is.