What I Read, What I Pay For, Who I Follow and How to Get Started Investing

There are so many new daily blog subscribers, so first of all welcome everyone.

One question I keep getting asked is about my routine and what I read so let me use this post to try and gather as many of my lists as possible.

You can always search my archives.

I started a podcast called ‘Panic With Friends’ in March 2020 and you can find all the episodes on Spotify or Apple by searching my name. You can also click here.

For my daily work I rely on always the latest iPhone and the very newest Mac Air. I am loving my new Air and the large iPhone. I have a desktop and mostly use it for my Koyfin stock market research where I do my fundamental research, charting and list management (portfolio company).

On the free side, not much has changed since 2013 when I blogged my FREE reading list.

I try a lot of products and talk to a lot of founders which really is a substitute for reading I would do otherwise.

Prices tell me so much and so I look at thousands of prices and charts everyday.

I rely on Techmeme and Nuzzle for technology news and links. My partner Gary pays for The Information.

My Stocktwits mobile notification follows (people that burst onto my screen). I think the right 30-50 people will get you all the market content, news and idea generation you will ever need. I get my earnings calendar and trending stocks notifications as well.

Robinhood – I use this account to track my main positions so it serves as a great mobile notification engine for big price moves and earnings calls.

All-time high lists (on Stocktwits @361capital posts these all the time).

I love the end of day, daily email from Stocktwits called ‘The Daily Rip‘.

I just added The Chart Report to my daily email reads.

My short list on Twitter (I do not use mobile notifications or lists but I might start again – mostly financial media)

@rampcapital (laughs)

Other subscriptions (very affordable) I pay for:

Ben Hunt’s Epsilon Theory. Ben and Rusty are two of my favorite financial market writers. Smart, philosophical and funny.

Ben Thompson’s Stratechery . Technology trends and deep strategic insights on the biggest technology companies.

NEW – Brian Lund – The Lund Loop – Intersection of markets, Trading and Life. Inexpensive weekly market insights and ideas.

As for idea generation and trading mentorship…I pay up for that.

I am lucky that some of my friends give me free access to their premium products namely:

JC Parets (All Star Charts)

Chris Kimble (Kimble Charting)

Ivanhoff – NOTE – I also contribute to the product with my 8 to 80 list and monthly portfolio ideas.

Marketsmith (charts, relative strength and momentum leaders) (use this code for my discount)

Now that Stocktwits has launched premium Rooms (group chats) I plan on spending $150/month for my favorite traders. They include:

Zortrades – Swing Trading Ideas and mentorship

Jon Markman – Seasoned investor idea generation (entries and exits)

Mark Newton – Technical setups and trades

I run my own Stocktwits room – ‘Lindzanity‘ at $7.99/month. This is basically a 24/7/365 ask me anything about markets and I share ideas that are surfacing on my watchlists.

I think you can get away with most financial information you need for free, but I am lucky to be able to pay for great content and mentorship as well. I personally believe you have to spend money (not just time) to make money.

PS – One other question I get asked all the time on Stocktwits and Twitter is …I am a new investor and/or trader how do I get started?

First – TURN off the TV.


Short answer here on my blog . Use the latest tools, keep the costs down, follow my lists above and pay for mentorship.

As for books, JC has a great list of the best technical analysis books.

Michael Batnick has a great list of the best investing books.

On the weekend both Joe Fahmy and Brian Shannon have great FREE weekend videos that wrap up the past week and look ahead at the next week. Try them.

As for podcasts – I do not yet listen to them on a regular basis. I want to get into a routine for creating and listening to podcasts and will update this post when I have a great list. A great place to start are the podcast archives of Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Barry Ritholtz’s Masters in Business. For aspiring venture capitalists, the AZ16 team pumps out a lot of content.

Get a routine going and you will be surprised how fast you learn.