No Car, No Cloud, No Shop, No Graphic Chips, No Dice

Google had another incredible quarter (I own the stock).

Here are the numbers I clipped from Techmeme:

As great as Google continues to deliver…they have really lagged (along with Facebook) the other tech giants.

I put a 10 year chart together for all biggest Nasdaq 100 stocks I follow and it put a lot of things in perspective for me.

My list includes Tesla, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Shopify, Nvidia and Microsoft. Here is the chart:

For those that own these EIGHT stocks…BRAVO. It was worth the sleepless nights from massive drawdowns.

Lately, Warren Buffett is getting a lot of credit for having 50 percent of his portfolio in Apple. Imagine if it had been Tesla, Shopify or Nvidia.

It has been the graphic chip, the ‘electric’ car, the cloud (specifically shopping) and the iPhone that have kept the big SIX well above Google and Facebook despite their financial greatness from ads and search.

To put all this tech greatness in context…

Yesterday UPS and Exxon hit all-time highs. They benefit from tech for sure, but they are not tech companies. They are incredible cash and earnings machines that have delivered great financial results for decades and their shareholders were rewarded once again yesterday with all time highs.

I charted their all-time highs and stock price against the tech leaders…

I hope this explains why I always choose the $QQQ’s or the $SPY’s for indexing purposes.