Predictions for 2015…Sleep (Resmed), Tasers and Vaporizers, Cat Juggling (Buzzfeed over CNN), Uber IPO (Yawn), and The VIX hits 1 (Blame China)

Before I get to more predictions for 2015…Here were my predictions for 2014 (they have a link to my 2013 predictions as well and so on…) . Not too shabby.

As for the future…

People remain underinvested and overdiversfied. Old people are scared because they watch FOX and CNN while young people have too many choices.

The only other ‘under’ we suffer is sleep. Otherwise we are overscreened, overcaffienated, overweight, overnewsed and overmedicated. I don’t care about the blame because of the opportunity.

I have already blogged about my two favorite trends this week, so let me add one more….sleep.

You will get less of it, so bet more on it. I am long Resmed ($RMD).

I had the pleasure of interviewing Resmed CEO Mick Farrell at Stocktoberfest. He is leading a juggernaut. They are the purest play on the trend. Institutions have to own it if they care about the sleep trend. They do. That’s why dips just keep getting bought. Here is a fascinating read on the sleep trend. Our sleep is broken. Bad for me, good for Resmed.

Other than Marc Andreesen, nobody will tell you to get ‘wrecklessly’ long. No wonder he’s been dominating financially.

On the other end of the spectrum is Bill Gross who says you can’t kill debt with more debt. He fails to recognize that the patient does not want to be cured. In his world you can dominate financially while being dead wrong. Lucky him. That said, government bonds are a crazy ass bubble.

Europe may blow, but it’s better than Buffalo, Baltimore and Detroit. And they have real trains. People will keep hating on Europe, but Americans bored with the US returns and entrepreneurs will increase their bets in key cities in Europe as the world shrinks.

World inflation is at 6 year lows and predictions of it rising are at 6 year highs. The truth is inflation and deflation coexist. It’s just a dumb topic of conversation because macroeconomics is taught in school.

There are more ways to hate than ever before, but hate is a shitty business.

Uber is mean, Uber is overvalued, Uber is Public…Yawn.

Tasers and Vapes are better growth stories than guns and cigarettes.

Old media makes fun of the ‘cat juggling listicles’ posing as news on Buzzfeed and Youtube, but old people die.

The US Dollar was supposed to implode because of all the debt Bill Gross says we should not be taking on. Let’s give him his raise and move on to whats happening and should continue to happen and discuss the playbook. Eddy does it here in ‘The Global Fallout of the Rising Dollar‘.

Most importantly in 2014 and a theme for 2015, China should have

It is going to be one hell of an interesting 2015 in global financial markets.