Sunday Reads and Listens – Trend Following, Apple Eats Facebook, China Chip Ban… And Introducing The Lindashians

Happy Sunday and Halloween everyone.

Last night, Ellen and I went to a Halloween party dressed up as Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian. We called ourselves the Lindashians…

I am excited for Season 2 of White Lotus tonight.

I spent a lot of time reading and writing on planes this week first at Money 2020 in Vegas and then all the way cross country to Grand Cayman and back. It feels good to catch up a bit.

As for some reads I enjoyed …

Ben Thompson has a deep dive update on the ‘Chips and China‘ and the Biden Chip Ban. I do not own semiconductor stocks (other than owning Apple), but the sector is so important and now the center of our growing ‘war’ with China.

I get invited to ‘family office wealth conferences all the time’ and zi have never attended. This story of fraud by a con man Anthony Ritossa running one of these is a wild read.

Apple has almost too easily mutilated Facebook’s Advertising business because it is big enough to move the needle for Apple. Turner takes a look at ‘Apple’s Sleeping Ad Business

As for a Sunday listen…try this trend following podcast with Meb Faber talking with trend following greats Salem Abraham and Jerry Parker.