Robinhood…The Future of Mobile Brokerage

Today Robinhood announced a $13 million round of capital. Here is some of the big coverage and details. Robinhood had their own blog post. CNN covered the funding with this celebrity investor mugshot that does not include me:


Yes there are a few celebrity investors but the lead investor is Index a very large and successful global Venture Capitalist based in London that focuses on Fintech.

I am a huge fan of the Robinhood product, team and vision. Our fund Social Leverage was an angel investor. We also participated in this series A.

Baiju and Vlad (the founders) will be at Stocktoberfest to really show off the product which I have been using the last few months. Sadly, Snoop and Jared Leto wont be at Stocktoberfest but I am working on Nas and his peeps.

This afternoon I chatted with Baiju about all the reasons they are attacking this market and the amount of detail that is necessary to launch such an ambitious mobile brokerage app. It is an awesome listen:

I have a ton more to say about the future of mobile brokerage and the social web but I will leave for another day and post.


  1. Pete M says:

    Well done Howard!

    Whenever I read “stocktoberfest”, I think of the “scotchtoberfest” scene from the Simspons

  2. Linda says:

    how will they make money? Charging for “brokerage services”? so they’re just like any other brokerage service then?

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